A Fresh Start… for Returning Citizens


Community ReEntry Programs

This innovative, research-based nonresidential model results in the successful reintegration of formerly-incarcerated persons into their families and communities.  Our holistic approach engages and prepares prisoners prior to release, utilizes successful ex-offenders as leaders, role models, and mentors, builds collaborations with stakeholders, and creates positive pro-social networks in the community.  The results are: productive, tax-paying citizens, stronger families and communities, increased public safety, reduced costs to taxpayers, and improved quality of life in the region and across the state.  Yale University research has observed that Fresh Start programs have reduced recidivism in Connecticut.  Gender-specific programming is provided for women in collaboration with our partner agency, The Center for Women and Families of Eastern Fairfield County.

Enterprise House

This innovative demonstration project creates sustainable community-based opportunities for successful reentry.  Success is achieved by combining entrepreneurial employment and training, supportive services, interagency collaboration, and a community driven to succeed. Enterprise House provides an environment with high expectations for success and standards of behavior, coupled with meaningful support from role models, mentors, and the community.  Enterprise House is a peer-driven, professionally supported, positive, pro-social environment that shifts the returning citizen from incarceration dependence to community integration and self-sufficiency.

Dana’s House Mental Health Residential

Dana’s House is a 15 bed, Department of Correction funded residential program designed to transition men with advanced behavioral health concerns from incarceration to the community.

For more information, please contact:
Randy Braren


Second Chance Fatherhood

PROGRAM supports the successful and safe transition for young fathers from confinement back to their families
and communities through coordinated and comprehensive strategies. These strategies incorporate mentoring and transitional reentry services, effective parenting skills development, parent/child relationship engagement
for young fathers, and community service partnerships that promote public safety and support.
For more information, please contact:
Daee McKnight
Program Manager, Young Fathers ReEntry Project




Advanced Supervision and Intervention Support Team (ASIST) works with male and female reentry clients in need of support around mental health and substance abuse issues. Clinicians work with clients to provide individual and group therapy, with a focus on achieving and maintaining sobriety as well as addressing behavioral health needs. There is also focus on linking clients to to other community providers as needed. APRN assessment and services, such as medication management, are also available under this program.
For more information, please contact:


Joseph Zannella
Clinical Program Director (ASIST), Bridgeport


Coming Home For Good

Four Keys for Successful Returning Citizens

  • A pretrial Early and long-term engagement with offenders creates a strong bond
  • Creative employment solutions help find jobs which is essential for survival
  • Mentoring support from successful ex-offenders amplifies success and breaks the cycle
  • Involvement of the entire family heals, inspires, and sustains change

A Holistic and Comprehensive Approach to Reentry

This program is for men returning home to Bridgeport from a Connecticut prison.
Our innovative models help soon-to-be released prisoners: before leaving prison, during transition, and after “coming home.” We recognize the need to prepare prisoners to return safely to the community and to assist them with reintegrating as law abiding, productive citizens.


Pre-Release Planning

  • Prepares prisoners 3 to 6 months before release
  • Paves the way for reconnecting with family and securing employment
  • Working with successful returning citizen mentors

Post-Release Services

  • Creative solutions to employment challenges
  • Intensive case management and family support
  • Behavioral health and substance abuse service
  • Supportive community network built by returning citizens

Continued Support

  • Offers support from successful returning citizens
  • Provides drop-in services as needed
  • Shifts responsibility for success to the individual and their supportive network

Our Programs are operated in partnership with the CT Department of Correction.  Family ReEntry SM is a founding member of the Bridgeport Reentry Roundtable.

For more information, please contact:
Randy Braren
Director, ReEntry Initiatives, Prisoner ReEntry Programs