A Fresh Start… for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals


Family ReEntry has a longstanding history of helping formerly incarcerated men and women by offering transitional services to encourage a smooth reentry back into the community. Our agency has utilized a multi-pronged approach in serving the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated, and has included innovative strategies, use of best practices and incorporated staff who are successful ex-offenders and real-life role models. Our mission is to break cycles of crime and incarceration by offering client centered services that will encourage healthy life skills and enhance the ability of individuals and their families to better cope, lead productive lives and become self-sufficient. In this way, Family ReEntry Programs serve the larger community in reducing risk and recidivism, as well as reducing the financial and emotional costs associated with crime and incarceration. Family ReEntry has also been involved with advocacy and coalition building on behalf of reentry services and prison reforms. The agency is a co-founder of the Reentry Round Table.
Current programs provided by Family ReEntry are designed to assist the reentry process while also addressing reduction of recidivism. A combination of pre and post-release services are offered to support his population.

Enterprise House

Enterprise House (EPH) is an eight (8) bed, Department of Correction funded transitional program designed to provide semi-independent living for men on parole. This program is designed to meet the needs of those who are returning to the community by providing safe housing along with initial assessment, offering appropriate connections and referrals for basic needs and other resources, teaching positive life skills, and coaching on employment readiness and financial literacy.

Dana’s House

Dana’s House is a fifteen (15) bed Department of Correction funded program designed to transition men with advanced behavioral health concerns from incarceration to a community residential environment. This is a 24/7 staffed residential that provides assessment, behavioral health and medication management services. Residents are supported by a staff from various disciplines to provide holistic services.

Transitions Mentoring

The Transitions Mentoring Program provides a variety of services to youthful offenders who are serving their sentence at the Manson Youth Institute located in Cheshire CT.  This program offers mentoring, life skills training and tutoring to support incarcerated youth ages 14-22 as they prepare for reentry back to their families and communities.  While this is a pre-release model of service, efforts are made to provide post-release support to ease the reentry transition.



Advanced Supervision and Intervention Support Team (ASIST) works with male and female reentry clients in need of support around mental health and substance abuse issues. Clinicians work with clients to provide individual and group therapy, with a focus on achieving and maintaining sobriety as well as addressing behavioral health needs. There is also focus on linking clients to other community providers as needed. APRN assessment and services, such as medication management, are also available under this program.


Fatherhood Engagement Services: Pre-release

The FES Program is a statewide initiative funded by the Department of Children and Families and designed to work with disenfranchised or difficult to engage fathers.  Family ReEntry was awarded the Pre-Release and the Region 1 FES Program.  As a pre-release support, incarcerated fathers whose children are involved with DCF services are identified and referred for service.  Staff meet with fathers in the various prisons to connect and engage, and also assist with the reentry process. FES Pre-Release helps to encourage men to understand their role as a father and connects these men to the community based Father Engagement Services located in the communities where they will return to following their incarceration.

Coming Home For Good

Four Keys for Successful Returning Citizens

  • A pretrial Early and long-term engagement with offenders creates a strong bond
  • Creative employment solutions help find jobs which is essential for survival
  • Mentoring support from successful ex-offenders amplifies success and breaks the cycle
  • Involvement of the entire family heals, inspires, and sustains change

A Holistic and Comprehensive Approach to Reentry

This program is for men returning home to Bridgeport from a Connecticut prison.
Our innovative models help soon-to-be released prisoners: before leaving prison, during transition, and after “coming home.” We recognize the need to prepare prisoners to return safely to the community and to assist them with reintegrating as law abiding, productive citizens.


Pre-Release Planning

  • Prepares prisoners 3 to 6 months before release
  • Paves the way for reconnecting with family and securing employment
  • Working with successful returning citizen mentors

Post-Release Services

  • Creative solutions to employment challenges
  • Intensive case management and family support
  • Behavioral health and substance abuse service
  • Supportive community network built by returning citizens

Continued Support

  • Offers support from successful returning citizens
  • Provides drop-in services as needed
  • Shifts responsibility for success to the individual and their supportive network

Our Programs are operated in partnership with the CT Department of Correction. Family ReEntry SM is a founding member of the Bridgeport Reentry Roundtable.

For more information on Reentry Programs, please contact
Randy Braren
Director of Reentry Initiatives & Prisoner Reentry Programs
[email protected]