Restoring, rebuilding and transforming lives from the inside out

Family ReEntry  is:

Family ReEntry’s mission is to break cycles of violence, crime and incarceration by providing client-centered interventions and support services to empower and strengthen individuals, families and communities.

The Problem

Unprecedented numbers of people in our state are involved with episodes of domestic abuse, violence, crime and incarceration; recidivism adds to the trauma of impacted families and represents the revolving door in and out of prison. The collateral damage from violence, crime and incarceration have negative and longstanding impacts on both the physical and mental health of children, families and the individuals caught in these vicious cycles.
To mitigate these adverse effects, Family ReEntry addresses the often-inter-twining problems of domestic violence, prisoner reentry, recidivism, and risks to youth by offering evidence-based interventions to provide support and effect positive change toward better outcomes for the future.

Our Vision

Family ReEntry envisions strong communities free from violence and crime, where resilient individuals and families are able to thrive and grow, raising the next generation to become responsible citizens, emotionally strong, healthy, and able to pursue life in fulfilling ways.

Our Strategy

Using a variety of intervention supports to work with men and women involved with offending behaviors, our programs are able to effect positive change and interrupt negative intergenerational cycles that have plagued so many in the communities we serve. Engaging marginalized people with respect, encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions while also participating in treatment is the underpinning of support that is needed to encourage real and lasting change.
Family ReEntry offers a holistic approach working to connect clients to basic needs and offering support to effect behavioral change and increase stronger coping and life skills. Programs are designed to facilitate healthy relationships, enhance family connections and address issues related to recidivism by providing a milieu of client-focused services which include substance abuse and mental health treatment, family interventions, psycho-educational groups, intensive case management support, life skills training, mentoring and reentry housing.


Intended Impact

Our intention is to reduce the collateral damage associated with violence, crime and repeat incarceration including the adverse effects of trauma on children and young people, and the social, psychological and financial costs to communities and society as a whole. Family ReEntry intends to disrupt negative cycles, helping to restore and rebuild lives from the inside out, while also creating safer communities. By strengthening families, helping returning citizens to successfully transition from prison, and offering diversion support services for youth at-risk, Family ReEntry seeks to encourage personal responsibility and change which will help rebuild, restore and transform individuals and families. This intended impact will also increase public safety and strengthen communities.

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