Community Justice Intervention Services

Domestic violence intervention programs work toward eliminating physical and psychological violence in relationships and families. The programs, which offer graduated levels of intensity, are directly tied to the statewide efforts to combat family violence. Program Coordinators also participate with local Domestic Violence Task Forces and the regional Domestic Violence Courts.


Family Violence Education Program

A pretrial program for male and female defendants that addresses the behavioral, cognitive, and social factors that contribute to violence and abuse and stresses the legal consequences and the consequences to children and families.

Domestic Violence Intervention Program

A program for male offenders that provides increased intensity and duration of services; and like all domestic violence programs, works closely with the law enforcement and the courts.


A 26-week group program for convicted male offenders under supervision of a probation officer and/or the court. The program is designed to address more complex and serious charges and co-occurring issues.


A 26-week, 52 session skills building, and culturally-competent, psycho-educational curriculum-based intervention for male offenders with female victims. EVOLVE is characterized by consistent judicial oversight with rapid response to violations, extensive specialized victim advocacy resources, and a graduated range of sanctions. The program is designed to address the most serious and highest risk cases.

Additional Community Intervention


The FES Program is a statewide initiative funded by the Department of Children and Families and designed to work with disenfranchised or difficult to engage fathers. Family ReEntry was awarded the Pre-Release and the Region 1 FES Program which offers community services throughout most of Fairfield County. Individual assessment and case management plans are made based on needs, and fathers participate in group work utilizing the 24/7 Dad® curriculum which focuses on enhancing skills for custodial and noncustodial fathers. Emphasis is placed on building stronger father-child bonds and co-parenting skills to benefit children.


IPV-FAIR (Intimate Partner Violence – Family Assessment Intervention Response) is a trauma-informed and family-focused program developed through the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to provide support for families that have been impacted by intimate partner violence. The program provides case management and clinical support to mothers and fathers to increase safety, build healthier relationships, and improve co-parenting skills for the benefit of both parents and children. Fathers are provided with a specialized clinical curriculum, Fathers For Change, which emphasizes the important role of fathers in a child’s life and helps build coping and communication skills, while mothers receive similar clinical treatment focusing on safety, coping and communication skills. Families are referred directly by DCF.