Prison Rape Elimination Act (“PREA”)

Family Reentry, Inc. maintains a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with regards to any practice or behavior that constitutes sexual harassment or sexual abuse, and is committed to providing and preserving an atmosphere free from harassment or abuse in any form. All residents of Dana’s House have the right to be free from sexual harassment and sexual abuse, and are made aware of the following ways to report any such incident:
1) Verbally to any program or FRE staff;
2) In writing to any program or FRE staff;
3) Submit your written report in the Grievance Box (located in 1st Floor Hallway. You may sign the report or make the grievance anonymous;
4) Have a family member or friend contact program or FRE staff. This can also be done anonymously;
5) Contact CTDOC or your Parole Officer verbally or in writing;
6) Contact Senior FRE staff by calling 203-663-3626 and asking for the Executive Director;
7) Contact the Sexual Alliance to End Sexual Violence at 1-888-999-5545 (English), or 1-568-8332 (Spanish); or
8) Contact the Greater New Haven Sexual Assault Crisis Service at 203-624-2273.

Annual PREA Report
During this past Fiscal Year 2020, there were no reported instances of Sexual Assault or Sexual Harassment at Dana’s House. Consequently, there were no PREA Investigations conducted.
For more information regarding PREA, please contact:
Randy Braren
Agency-Wide PREA Coordinator