Family ReEntry Presents Danny Glover – Mass Incarceration & Racial Disparity

Family ReEntry hosted an evening at The Klein, in Bridgeport, with the acclaimed actor and leading social activist, Danny Glover.  Mr. Glover has gained respect for his wide-reaching community activism and philanthropic efforts with a particular emphasis on Mass Incarceration and the Racial Disparity in America’s prison system.  This thought-provoking event was planned to educate and broaden community awareness of these huge issues.  There was an exciting panel consisting of:  Mayor Bill Finch (Saluter) – Mayor of Bridgeport, Colin McEnroe (Moderator) Radio Personality from WNPR, Steve Lanza – Executive Director of Family ReEntry, Erika Tindill – Superior Court Judge & former Family ReEntry Board Member, Charles Grodin – Actor & Social Activist, Joseph L. Gaudett Jr.  – 30 year veteran of the Bridgeport Police Department, Appointed Police Chief in December of 2010, Fred Hodges – Family ReEntry FreshStart Program Manager, Glenn Martin – National leader and criminal justice reform advocate, Founder of JustLeadershipUSA.
The evening was successful on so many levels, especially on Policy and Advocacy. Our society is facing many challenges and to be able to have an evening of education and awareness will only help in addressing the issues we face. Family ReEntry’s work in Prevention, Intervention and Reentry is truly a success story helping those affected by Mass Incarceration and Racial Disparity. This is just the beginning of a new focus for Family ReEntry. We are raising the bar to address these issues so stay tuned.