The Business Crisis of Opiates


By Tim Askew
CEO of Corporate Rain International


The first paragraph of Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled says simply, “Life is difficult.”


That’s certainly true. For the Buddha suffering was the first rule of life and Friedrich Nietzsche famously said that to live was to suffer.


And for no-one is this more true than for the entrepreneur.


Last March, journalist Nadia Stewart of Global News reported on the case of entrepreneur Rachel Degraw of Vancouver, British Columbia. For nine years Degraw was the very model of the successful entrepreneur, but she was, in fact, a closet junkie. Says Degraw, “My addictions came from the pad of a doctor. I became dependent on opioids for back pain, but also for emotional pain.



Tim Askew is a member of Family ReEntry’s Executive Council. He is the founder of sales firm Corporate Rain International and a former member of the Inc. Business Owners Council. He has several advanced degrees, and has been a tennis pro, actor, opera singer, Broadway producer, dishwasher, bartender, minister, and college assistant dean. Askew is the author of the book The Poetry of Small Business. Tim can be reached at