Babz Rawls-Ivy is the editor of the Inner-City News, the host of daily WNHH FM’s “LoveBabz LoveTalk,” and a frequent guest on WNHH shows. Jeff Grant is the executive director of Family ReEntry, a social service organization in Bridgeport working with people who have gotten out of prison, and helping to prevent them from going back in.
They’ve both also served prison sentences themselves. They are now co-hosts of a new show on WNHH, “Criminal Justice Insider,” that tackles criminal justice issues from the inside out.
“Criminal Justice Insider” will air once a month on WNHH, featuring Rawls-Ivy, Grant, and a series of guests as they talk about the lives of people in prison and how it affects not only the prisoners themselves, but the family.
When one family member goes to prison, “the whole family goes to prison,” they agreed on their debut episode.
They will also talk about the lives of people who have gotten out, and the factors that contribute to them going back in — or staying out for good by rebuilding their lives, a reality both of them have lived.
Click here to listen or watch the first episode on SoundCloud and Facebook Live.



(Brian Slattery Photo)