Envisioning a First Chance Society SM


Supporting a second chance society with first chance opportunities



Envisioning a First Chance SocietySM


Supporting a second chance society with first chance opportunities


Family ReEntry SM is:

Our mission is to lead in the development and delivery of effective solutions that empower individuals and strengthen families impacted by the criminal justice system.

The Problem

Unprecedented numbers of people are involved in the criminal justice system. There are over 12,000 Returning Citizens released from prison each year in Connecticut. Most of them face challenges managing the most basic ingredients for successful reintegration into society. This includes finding employment and housing, reconnecting with their families and communities, and accessing substance abuse and behavioral health services.

Our Vision

Healthy Supportive Communities Free from Crime and Violence

Strong Resilient Individuals and Family/Relational Systems

To Create Social Innovation

To Develop and Operate Effective Programs

To Inform Policy and Practice with Sound Research

To Provide Education and Advocacy



Core Operating Values

Our values are C.L.E.A.R.:

Clients – We justify our existence by serving our clients well.

Leadership – We lead with integrity.

Excellence – We strive to be the best in everything we do.

Accountability – We are accountable for our actions.

Respect – We respect all individuals and value diversity.


Intended Impact

Breaking the Intergenerational Cycle of Crime, Abuse and Incarceration

Give Voice to Experience of Returning Citizens and Their Families

Empower Individuals as Productive and Responsible Citizens

Strengthen Families, Build Community

Increase Public Safety

Decrease Financial and Social Costs and Consequences


Blue Coupe Rocks for Family ReEntry

Fairfield CT - (April 17, 2017) -- Blue Coupe, with some help of the talented young musicians from School of Rock (Fairfield) as the Opening Act, rocked the FTC Warehouse on Thursday night in support of Family ReEntry, a nonprofit leader that assists families affected...

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Envisioning a First Chance Society

by Jeff Grant, JD, M Div & Sarah Diamond, PhD --   "Supporting a Second Chance Society with First Chance Opportunities" Last fall, the Directors of Family ReEntry viewed a TED Talk by Dan Pallotta titled, "The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong."  In...

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Panelists at a Screening of the Movie “13th”

Family ReEntry Discussion Panelists at a Screening of the Movie "13th," Sat., April 8, 12 - 4 pm -- Action Together New Haven has invited Family ReEntry to be discussion panelists after a screening of this important movie about prison slavery in America. Moderator:...

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PORTALS… walk through the internet – engage the world

Coming Soon: Connecticut Prison Portals -- Portals are gold spaces equipped with immersive audiovisual technology. When you enter a Portal, you come face-to-face with someone in a distant Portal and can converse live and full-body, as if in the same room. For more...

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What’s the Use of Regret?

Gordon Marino, The New York Times -- Cover art: Leigh Wells -- Originally Published in THE STONE, Nov. 12, 2016 -- Some thinkers have portrayed regret as a humanizing emotion. The 20th-century moral philosopher Bernard Williams pointed out that, in instances where a...

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The PTSD I Couldn’t See

By Amy Oestreicher, Guest Blogger --   Originally Published Feb. 14, 2017 -- I grew up thinking an “illness” was either a fever or croup. Illness was a stuffy nose – a sick-day, an excuse to miss a day of school. At 18 years old, “illness” took on an entirely...

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